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RELEASE DATE: 29th November 2022

Mankind's World, 2039. During a major turning point in the ceaseless Conflicts between the East and the West, Captain Harvey Furlong and his platoon of West paratroopers embark on a treacherous rescue mission to extract their enigmatic comrade, Corporal Bleak Winter, from the clutches of a rich oasis in Gungolia. When the operation quickly spirals into disarray, due to an unexpected revelation, it leaves the sceptical survivors of the Thirty-Third Platoon to pick up the pieces...

Upon his return home to the First Nation, Captain Furlong remains inflicted with an undisclosed case of amnesia following the encounter in Gungolia. Amidst the celebrations of his mission's success, the Captain and his family - who are oblivious to the shocking reality of his recent engagement - are gifted an all-expenses-paid holiday at a luxury coastal resort in the Second Nation. However, just as the Furlongs are about to jet-off from the City's notorious Rush Airport, an underground catastrophe forces the entire terminal into lockdown with the Furlongs and a small group of passengers trapped inside. At the mercy of encircling conspirators, a corrupt A.I. security system, and the menacing approach of a mysterious ghost plane, Captain Furlong is also confronted with an even bigger threat: Bleak Winter and his fallen army have returned from the dead and are out for revenge, driving Captain Furlong and the others into a battle for survival...

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