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Jason Falloon is a young novelist and screenwriter, noted for his upcoming debut speculative fantasy novel Constellation Planet. First published at the age of 11, he has since evolved his style predominantly in YA and Adult Fantasy Fiction with a speculative spin.


Born and raised in North-West London, he has been influenced by a diverse background spanning several continents. Having honed an ear for witty dialogue, a dynamic for spectacular characterisation and world-building, and an eye for high concepts in his fiction, he particularly absorbs readers' imaginations with a unique sense of hypothetical realism in his work.

Concurrently with his novel debut, he is developing a dystopian period drama series, a long-term project he started in 2013.

In his spare time, Jason has a passion for film and music production, reading anything from Salinger to Wilde, Pratchett and Dahl, and travelling anywhere (including the Dreamerverse) to meet his inspiration in the flesh.

Constellation Planet is out now!

Email Jason at:

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